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How does your program work?

It couldn't be easier! Place your pre-order before November 17th and your tree will magically show up the week of November 27th.  Most orders qualify for our Five Star hand delivery.  If you live outside of our Five Star delivery area your tree will be shipped via FedEx.  Follow these simple steps to place your order.

1. Click on "Shop" on the Home page, then select the which type of Christmas Tree you are interested in.  You will enter your zip code to see which delivery zone you live in. 

2. Shop Products! Decide which size you would like along with any accessories/options, such as a Christmas wreath, tabletop tree or preservative. And if you happen to live in a Five Star delivery zone, you can order installation or check out our unique pickup/treecycling service.  

3. Discount Codes & Check Out: Enter your discount codes, review order, and if all looks good, follow the prompts to check out.

4. Mark your Calendar! If you pre-ordered your tree before November 17th then your tree will be delivered the week of November 27th. On November 24th, we will email you your delivery details.  And if you happen to order our Pickup and Treecycling service, we’ll collect your tree the first week of January.  

5. Spread the Christmas Joy. Tell your friends and family about our beautiful hand-delivered trees so we can expand our delivery zones and tree sizes.

When is the pre-order deadline?

Your pre-order needs to be placed by 11PM PST on Friday, November 17th, 2017.

I heard from a friend that I should wait for a Groupon or other daily deal to get best pricing?

Although we may or may not run Groupons/GILT promos on any given year you will always get the best pricing by ordering directly from us.  We offer a low price guarantee and other perks through our seasonal specials.  Look for emails in the fall if you are a returning customer and if you are a new customer then you can subscribe to our deals newsletter on the front page.

How awesome are your delivery drivers?

Santa is very strict when he selects his delivery teams.  We only hire the best delivery crews and train them to deliver a perfect tree every time.

Does my tree come with installation?

No your tree does not come with installation but you can order it from us as an option.  We only install in our own stands so if you already own one of our stands you can simply leave it out in front of your door on the day of your delivery and we will take care of the rest.  If you don't own one of our stands you can order that when you order your tree and installation.

How tall will my tree be?

We have four sizes of Fraser Firs this year. A 5-6 foot, a 6-7 foot, 7-8 foot and 8-9 foot. They all have a very thick, full base and a nice limb for your tree topper. We can't specify whether your tree will be at the smaller size of the size range or the taller size, or somewhere in between.  Keep in mind that the height is measured from the bottom of the stump to the mid-point of the topper limb.  If you're having a hard time choosing between two sizes you may want to opt for the larger size.

We have prepared this info graphic to help you get a feel for how tall your Christmas tree might be.  Click for larger image.

Christmas Tree Size

Can I specify which day I get my tree delivered?

No.  You cannot specify which day your tree will be delivered.  All of our routes are built out by geographic optimization and we will notify you via email/text with your delivery day and window the Friday before delivery week.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your tree is out for delivery we cannot cancel your order.  Thus the order cancellation deadline is November 17th.  After that your tree is on its merry way and we don't want to waste it.

Do you offer FREE delivery?

We deliver FREE to the entire lower 48 states of the USA.  Most of our customers get the trees delivered by us and a small portion get a tree shipped via FedEx.

Do I need to be home during delivery to get my tree?

Nope.  If you are home great... if you are not home that works as well.  Just give us some instructions on where to leave it when you place your order and we will make it happen.  Things like, "leave it with the super or doorman", "leave it in the shed", "leave it with a neighbor", "leave it on the porch in the shade", etc. are all very helpful to ensure that we give you the best delivery experience possible.  If you are not home you can leave out a bucket of water and we will give your tree a fresh cut and get it right into the water.

How nice are your trees?

They’re not called Five Star Christmas Trees for nothing! Our Fraser Firs are hand selected from the top 5% of all trees from the farms we have partnered with. We personally think Fraser Firs are the best species but we also love the Blue Spruce. Both have wonderful smells, beautiful, rich coloring, and lush green boughs.

How fresh are your trees?

They're super fresh. Most trees that you would see at your local tree lot have been sitting around for days or weeks! We get our trees direct from the farm.  And for those trees delivered by our own local delivery crew, we put a fresh cut at the base of your tree right before we drop it off to make sure it's ready for immediate water uptake. Now that's fresh.

What happens if I don't like my tree or have delivery problems?

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  Just give us a call and we will schedule a redelivery for you ASAP! 

What happens if my delivery gets delayed?

For trees delivered by a Five Star Crew, we will do our very best to get your tree delivered on time. If there are delays due to bad weather or other unforeseen events, we will attempt to update you via email and text. If needed, our crews will stay out late to try and get your tree to you.  We may have to re-schedule your delivery for a different day/time as a worst case scenario.

Last year my tree was delivered by Five Star but this year it is showing that it will be shipped via FedEx?

There are some cities that we have delivered to in the past, but unfortunately, we didn't get enough orders to continue our delivery service.  You need to spread the word to your friends and family, and if we get enough orders in your area, we’ll bring it back! 

What time of day do you deliver?

For our Five Star hand delivered trees our deliveries occur Monday through Friday from 8AM - 6PM during the week of November 27th.  We may deliver later into the evening hours if our crews are behind schedule.  FedEx trees usually arrive 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday.  For trees shipped via FedEx they will leave it like any other package.

Help, my tree just fell over!

Once we deliver the tree to you, we pass the responsibility of owning a Christmas tree on to you.  You will need to make sure it is stable, watered and kept away from heat.  The Five Star Christmas Tree Co. is not responsible for any damages related to owning a tree.  This includes trees that we install into a stand for you.  Once we leave, you will need to make sure the tree is stable and cared for.  This applies to FedEx delivered trees as well.

Can I purchase a tree as a gift?

A delivered Christmas tree makes the perfect give for your parents, in-laws or any other loved one!  Surprise that friend or relative this holiday season with a beautiful hand-delivered tree.

Can I just come and pick up my tree?

No, we do not have a pick up location. Our program is designed so that you don't have to pick up your tree this year!

How do I take care of my tree?

The most important thing to know is to keep your tree watered and away from heat. All our trees come with a care tag— so be sure to refer to that card for additional ideas.

Can you flock my tree?

No, we cannot flock your tree.

Do your trees come with a hole drilled in the bottom?

No, our trees do not come with a hole drilled in the bottom.

When I open up my tree will any debris fall out?

Your tree has been living on a farm for 8+ years.  Every tree gets shaken to remove debris before they are wrapped and delivered to you; however, there is a chance that something survived the trip.  We have seen needles, branches, dead insects, to name a few. The good news: 99.9% of the time, our trees open up without any mess.

Is there a chance that water could drip from my tree?

Yes.  When we say fresh... we mean fresh!  There is a chance that your tree could be partially frozen or even have snow on it because we get it to you so fresh from the farm.

Are your trees fireproofed?  Can they be fireproofed?

No, our trees are not fireproofed and they cannot be fireproofed by us.

My condo/apartment complex requires proof of insurance before delivery.  Is this something you can provide?

Unfortunately we don't have time to provide proof of insurance to all of the customers across the nation that might want it for their condo/apartment complex.  So, we won't be able to deliver to you unless you can figure out a way to get the tree another way.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. We use SSL to safely process your order.  SSL uses fraud protection services to keep your money secure.  We take great measures to make sure our website is safe and your personal information protected. 

Can you come pick my tree up after the holiday season?

You bet!  For a $34 fee we will drive out to your location and pick up your tree the first week of January, (this year we have some Boy Scout troops helping us out!  They will get a $20 donation for every tree they pick up).  We come and pick up the tree.  If you are not going to be home when we come then just leave the tree outside where we dropped it off and we will take it to a local TreeCycling partner to make sure it is recycled responsibly.  You can add this to your order at any time before January 7th by going to your user account and clicking on the "add pickup and treecycling" button.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

We offer a money back guarantee on all of our products.  Please contact us to receive RMA information.  Once your RMA has been processed we can issue your refund.  For order cancellations you can send an email to support@fivestarchristmastrees.com and we can process those asap.